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Daphas Auto Management System  is an auto garage management software carefully crafted with the help of auto garages manage their daily activities. Packed with features, Daphas Auto MIS will help your garage increase efficiency and get more work done. We have a lot more features in Daphas Auto MIS. Check out some of them on the list below;


  • Job Cards: With Daphas Auto MIS, you can create job cards for your clients in a fly. The job cards can be printed, sent via Email or whatsapp.
  • Invoices & Estimates: Create invoices and quotes for your customers directly from the system. You can be able to import invoice and quote items from work requested, job cards or vehicle expenses.
  • Inventory: As a garage, you might have some parts in your store. Track this parts easily with Daphas Auto MIS Inventory module.
  • Booking In: Booking vehicles in has never been easier. With Daphas Auto MIS, you can book vehicles using a tablet, mark dents, set fuel level, make notes on the car, note work requested; all in a smooth single interface. The client will then sign to approve the booking and then send a copy to the client.
  • Expenses: Track all expenses of parts and labour on a vehicle without going at a lose.
  • Overview: This is the summary of all your activities on the system. Know your garage on one glance.
  • Insurance Cars: Do you fix insurance cars? Great! we’ve got you covered too. Daphas Auto MIS comes with an insurance module that keeps track of vehicles covered by insurance companies.
  • Task Manager: Assign tasks to your employees quickly using our task manager. The task manager keeps track of all tasks assigned. You’ll be able to check on any pending tasks, overdue etc. With the task manager, you’ll be able to check the cost of tasks if any.
  • Suppliers Manager: All garages needs a parts store supplier. There will be many parts ordered and many suppliers to deal with. On our suppliers module, you will be able to see which parts are ordered, which parts are delivered, which parts need to be ordered, which supplier needs to be paid. etc
  • Rich Reporting: We do our best to record every activity on the system so that you get useful insights about your business
  • Payment History: Every payment made to your company is recorded and tied to an invoice. You’ll never wonder if a client paid or not
  • Marketing & Bulk SMS: Send bulk SMS to your clients using our bulk SMS feature.
  • Staff: Add all your staff to the system for better collaboration. Asilfy has 5 roles; Owner has full access of the system. Manager have full access but has no delete permissions. Booking Manager books vehicles IN and OUT. Inventory Manager has access to inventory module. Staff have no access to the system.
  • Settings: This module allows you to manage your profile and system settings easily with no coding skills needed.
  • Beautiful and responsive UI: Daphas Auto MIS was made with love and passion that’s why it looks stunning.
  • Fast processing speed: Daphas Auto MIS is faster with clean code written on PHP with MVC model.

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