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Hotels are around the world with various ways of keeping records. Earlier days customers and hotel management team were involved in lots of paper work for booking rooms. In addition, it was time consuming process. Now a days, hotels are managed with many types of accommodation, budgets and luxury. At the same time reservation services are provided to customers through web with reduced paper work. We can see many websites which provide hotel booking services. Objective: Our goal is to implement user-friendly GUI to the Hotel Booking System with simple features available for users. We decided to build basic

Hotel Booking System involving following actors:

1) Customer/Guest

2) Employee(staff)

3) System Administrator

4) Receptionist Each actor will have varies level of access to the system which is described later part in the proposal.

5) POS – Hotel, Bar and Candy shop selling integrated

We emphasize more on building features for customers to reserve rooms. In addition, we also consider hotel management related features like employee management.

Guest will register to the system and login, on registration of guest user will be able search for suitable accommodation and reserve on particular time. Guest can even cancel the earlier reservations made by him/her or can view previous reservation. Employees can login to the system and provide on call services to guests.

New hotels and room details can be added by employees. He can even update or delete the hotel/rooms from the system. System Administrator will manage guests/employee. In addition, he can produce various reports like available rooms, reservation made during certain period of time and profit.

Demo Hotel visit at https://daphasdemohotel.com/

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